2017-2018 Zermatt Mountain Ceremonies



Ceremony Details:

We offer 4 various ceremony locations in mountains above Zermatt

Riffelalp, Riffelberg and Gornegrat Churches and when available Igloo Village.

Amazing both in winter and summer ceremonies

  • Blessing Ceremony Only (civil, protestant, catholic)
  • Perfect Venue for intime winter or summer weddings
  • Located directly in on the slopes (possible to arrive on skis)
  • Comfortable access for guests by train (and 10 minutes walk)
  • Venue with a stunning view (attitude 2800 m)
  • Cocktail after the ceremony available in the nearby hotel (10 minutes walk)
  • Wedding Reception available in the nearby hotel
  • Accommodation available in the nearby hotel
  • Weddings available all year
  • Ideal place for your ski-white-mountain wedding during your ski-holidays

Capacity: up to 20-30 guests (to sit down)

For the wedding ceremony, an officiator will conduct the ceremony. Extra decorations, seating, and live music available upon request for an additional charge.

Venue details:

From the moment you step off your Swiss-red train, and catch sight of the cobbled streets and horses with sleighs patiently waiting for their rides, you know you are in a special place. What strikes me most often is the silence. There are no cars here. This immediately creates a welcoming atmosphere. The air is fresh and alpine. But more than this, you immediately feel a part of the village. It draws you in. Most everyone is on foot, locals and visitors alike. The main street bustles happily with pedestrians. There are no impersonal tour buses belching out noise, fumes, and package tourists. Zermatt is no auto through-route. The train stops here. All journeys on from here are on foot or ski. Everyone is here because they love mountains. Walking through the cobbled paths of town, between the ancient sun burnt barns and chalets, you catch your first glimpse of the Matterhorn and know you have come to the right place.